Why hiring a karaoke DJ can triple your weeknight bar business

Why hiring a karaoke DJ can triple your weeknight bar business

Nothing pains the owner of an entertainment establishment more than to have guests come in, only to slink away because a place is empty. Here’s why you should hire a karaoke DJ can to liven up your deadest weeknight through customer interaction, crowd psychology and repeat business.

Why hiring a karaoke DJ can triple your weeknight bar business

1. Interactive entertainment

Karaoke is unique because any person who walks through the door can briefly become the centre of attention. All customers want to be the centre of attention on some level. Karaoke is an extension of that notion, simultaneously appealing to a customer’s vanity and exhibitionist desires. It is important to hire a DJ who has a good local reputation, a large presence on social media, and who doesn’t perform at other bars in the area.

Advertising your karaoke night on social media and through traditional channels is also crucial. Take a month to build up a buzz and include food and drink specials to further entice customers.

2. The more, the merrier

Simply put, crowds attract crowds. A group of people laughing and having a good time is irresistible to others who are seeking out a similar experience. Direct your advertising to larger crowds such as birthday parties or office parties to create that type of scene. Service industry workers are a great target for these promotions, as almost all of them work Friday and Saturday nights and are looking for an off-night release.

Marketing to this segment for your weeknight sing-fest adds to the size and diversity of your crowd. Once people start having a good time, they will advertise for you by telling their friends.

3. Keep them wanting more

Once you have a solid night established, you want to retain your initial customers and have them bring more customers with them. This is done by making sure your staff is pleasant and that the DJ does all he can to accommodate every participant. If the DJ forms factions that favour certain cliques, people will be alienated, crowds will thin out, and business will suffer.

The person orchestrating the karaoke must be welcoming to all yet neutral at the same time, keeping in mind that their job is to let the audience perform and be the subject of the show.

4. A weeknight gold mine

A strong, enticing weekly karaoke show can turn a slow Tuesday into a great night by simply attracting two or three dozen people who wouldn’t normally come by the bar. Once that is done, the attitude of your staff and the quality of your establishment’s food, drink, entertainment and mood will allow your weekly karaoke night to thrive and become a profitable one for your business.