What type of music lesson should you take?

What type of music lesson should you take?

Music is an expression of the soul, and communicating that feeling can preoccupy you for a lifetime. Choosing the type of instrument you’ll play and the music lessons you’ll take can be the difference between keeping the expression trapped inside or setting it free.

What type of music lesson should you take?

Knowing yourself will help guide you to the instrument you want to explore. If you’re fortunate enough to understand right away what instrument you’re excited about playing, don’t hesitate, go for it. If you don’t know where you want to begin your musical journey, but know you want to begin, there are questions you can ask yourself to help. Remember, not all musicians are born with an instrument in their hands.

1. Take time to listen

Listening carefully to instruments, in isolation, will help you hone in on the one that is best for you. Make a separate list of those you may have been considering and those you’re curious about.

Document the way you feel when you hear each. Some may make you feel more deeply. Others may irritate you. What is important is the way you listen. The way you hear each of these instruments can play the largest role in what decision you’ll make.

2. Know what it will take

While you’re listening and making your decision, also take into consideration the complexity of what you’re hearing. Every instrument is unique and will require something different of you. It’s important to make sure you’re ready to do the type of work playing an instrument demands. You may love the sound of a trumpet, but not be prepared to learn inhaling and exhaling techniques.

Watching what is being played as well as listening will give you the advantage of knowing what mechanics are required, and help you decide if you’re up to the task.

Multitudes of emotions can be expressed from any instrument, it’s how you come to play those instruments that will allow your feelings to be set free. If you’re not sure what instrument you want to play, it’s no problem to dabble with a few. It is a problem, however, if you have a calling inside and do nothing. Listen carefully, watch closely, decide, and practice passionately.