Review: Teegarden Audio’s New Magic Pre 4100


Teegarden Audio’s New Magic Pre 4100
Now, committed to classic audio principles and only the highest design standards, Teegarden Audio has expanded on their line of DI’s and Microphone Preamps. Nashville, TN  (Aug 16, 2016) –  In a short period of time, Teegarden’s Fatboy Tube DI has amassed an impressive list of clients and has become the definitive standard in instrument level direct injection recording.

Magic Pre 4100    Four Channel Discrete Class A Microphone Preamp

With years of recording and engineering experience, Bret Teegarden teamed with legendary electronic designers to create the Magic Pre 4100 (MSRP $2499).  This four channel discrete Class A Mic Preamp accurately captures the true essence and quality of fine instruments and voices.

*  4 Channel Discrete Analog Microphone Preamplifier
*  -20dB Pad (complete bypass in off position)
*  +48v Phantom Power (decouples completely from transformer)
*  Legacy Circuitry – not a clone
*  55dB gain
*  Highest quality components, backed by 50 year of R&D listening tests
*  High quality Sifam VU Meters

As seen in the specifications above: “The biggest feature is… it doesn’t have a boat-load of features” says Teegarden. “Nothing gets in the way of the sound!”


More about Teegarden Audio’s Fatboy Tube DI

The perfect live & studio companion for great tone from your Hi-Z instrument.

Fatboy Tube DI (MSRP – $799)

Players like Chad Jeffers & Mark Childers (Carrie Underwood), Jay Demarcus (Rascal Flatts). Jimmy Lee Sloas (Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Kellie Pickler, Switchfoot), Gary Lunn (Dolly Parton, Montgomery Gentry, Toby Keith), Eric Darken (Jimmy Buffet, Jewel, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban), Blair Masters (Jerrod Neimann, Peter Frampton, MercyMe, Casting Crowns), Mark Hill (Art Garfunkel, Kenny Loggins, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman) all use the Fatboy Tube DI for studio recording and live performance.

Wave Distro is proud to add the Teegarden Audio line of quality DI’s and MicPre’s.  Teegarden Audio products are available at participating dealers and


About Teegarden Audio:
Teegarden Audio, LLC was formed in 2013 by veteran recording engineer/producer, Bret Teegarden.  Dedicated to preserve the principles of high quality audio electronic design and manufacturing, Teegarden Audios’ Fatboy Tube DI is the definitive standard in instrument level direct injection recording and has earned the praise of major artists.  For more information, please visit
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