News: Stickies – Not Just For Notes Anymore

Essentials Range 
NEW Stickies Advanced & Overcovers Advanced


We are delighted to introduce our brand new “Essentials” range at NAB.

“Essentials” is the new name for the Rycote consumable solutions for use with Lavalier microphones. These invaluable products enable sound pros to mount lav mics, and provide protection against unwanted noises from clothing rustle and wind. Building on the success of our existing Stickies, Undercovers and Overcovers (which will all continue), we are launching brand new, Advanced versions of the Stickies and Overcovers to offer more choice and flexibility for customers.   

Stickies Advanced
Improved, super-sticky, double-sided, 23mm hypoallergenic adhesive pads used to affix lavalier microphones directly onto skin or on top of clothing. The soft fabric sandwiched between the two adhesive pads prevents the adhered mic from creaking due to skin or clothing movement.

Key Features:
Stronger hypoallergenic adhesive on both sides
– Supplied loose in the packet, with easy peel-off tabs
– Three types:


featuring increased diameter, ideal for use with the ever-popular DPA Concealers
allow wind protection on DPA Concealers, folded-over with Overcovers

ideal for the Sanken RM-11 for Sanken COS-11, the RBM for Voice Technologies VT500 & for general cable management on radio mics


Overcovers Advanced
Overcovers utilise Rycote exclusive fur technology, providing excellent wind noise protection for lavalier microphones. They consist of a discreet, fur covering and are supplied with Stickies. With a Stickie affixed to clothing or skin, the fur disc is affixed over the top of a lavalier microphone.

Key features:
– Larger size (26mm) to match the DPA Concealers 
– Supplied with Stickies Advanced Round, which are 23mm diameter (larger than original Stickies) 
– New BEIGE color in addition to Black, Gray and White




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