Put A Dent In Your Audio With This New Distortion Plugin


Powerful wave-cycle distortion and state-of-the-art modulation system create out of the ordinary sounds from conventional tracks

Rather than simply add harmonic distortion to tracks, Dent transforms them at the atomic level. A suite of powerful processors distorts the basic wave cycle, aggressively mutating tracks into something completely new and exciting. In addition to six different bitcrushers, four distinct clippers and a sampling-rate controller, Dent uses two waveshapers, independently adjustable positive-and negative-phase DC offsets, half-cycle phase inversion, and probabilistic and sequential wavesets to warp a track’s foundational sound and, optionally, create dynamic rhythmic patterns for the distorted output.
Santa Cruz, CA — August 15, 2016 —Hot on the heels of the release of Unfiltered Audio’s unique saturation plugin Indent, Plugin Alliance proudly announces the rollout of the processor’s big brother: the hardcore distortion plugin Dent. Simply put, Dent shatters the mold in its product category. Combining transformative wave-cycle distortion with a matchless modulation system, Dent gives sound designers, mixers, remixers, DJs and Electronic Music producers the ability to quickly and easily infuse their productions with sounds never before heard, distinguishing their work from the competition.

An adjustable, analog-style lowpass filter—with separate resonance control and pre/post-distortion switch—shapes the sound’s timbre to perfection. A convenient Mix control provides instant parallel processing, blending the distorted signal with the original sound at Dent’s output. A real-time display shows how the wave cycle’s shape changes after processing is applied, guiding the user’s control tweaks. Adding to all this power, Dent’s parameter values can be dynamically altered in real time using Unfiltered Audio’s included flagship modulation system: six freely assignable and fully automatable modulators (sine LFO, sawtooth/triangle LFO, square-wave LFO, input follower, sample-and-hold noise, and a macro control knob) use intuitive drag-and-drop virtual patching to most controls.

Of course, Dent can process tracks moderately to preserve their basic identity. For example, clean electric guitars can be severely overloaded and given a stereo wah wah effect—big changes, but still recognizable as a guitar track. But for the adventurous, Dent can mutilate tracks beyond recognition, making piano tracks sound like artillery and drum tracks like heavy machinery. Boring rhythm sections can be transformed into fresh, contemporary instruments that immerse listeners. It’s this wide latitude that makes Dent so broadly useful. Producers and mixers alike are finding a wide spectrum of uses for Dent, from extremely subtle mix adjustments to completely destructive audio havoc.

To celebrate the release of this remarkable plugin, Plugin Alliance is making Dent available as a $29 upgrade, until the end of August, to its members who took advantage of the recent free promotional download of Indent. And the bargain swings both directions: users who purchase Dent also receive Indent for free.

“Unfiltered Audio are profusely innovative, and we’re proud to be working with them to deliver that innovation to the world,” said Dan McFarren, Product Marketing Manager at Plugin Alliance. “Dent is remarkable in the flexibility it offers in its product category, and we’re truly excited to see a myriad of uses unveil as our customers incorporate this plugin into their projects.”

“We had a total blast developing Dent!” enthused Michael Hetrick, CEO of Unfiltered Audio. “Dent can produce completely unique sounds from any source by combining classic distortion techniques with extremely unusual, academic processing—all of which can be manipulated by our modular patching system.”

Unfiltered Audio plugins, as well as all other Plugin Alliance products, are provided in AAX native, VST and AU formats for Mac OS 10.6 or higher and Windows 7 through 10. All Plugin Alliance products are available as fully functional 14-day demos at Plugin-Alliance.com.

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The innovative Southern Californian music software company Unfiltered Audio formed when three enterprising young men came together earlier this decade while earning graduate degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Joshua Dickinson, Michael Hetrick, and Ryan Michael McGee all share backgrounds in fields where engineering and programming meet music and multimedia. Now with Unfiltered Audio, their academic pursuit of new ways to process audio merges with their entrepreneurial goal of making uniquely creative tools for musicians and producers.