News: Introducing the QXS Series of Boom Poles

Specifically designed for documentary and ENG booming work, these new boom poles utilize a 5-segment design along with lightweight yet durable 1mm pull-wind carbon fiber tubes with some notable design advancements.We are pleased to announce a new line of Ambient boom poles – The QXS Series.

  • Knurled collars – The collars feature a machined knurl similar to our popular premium QS boom for outstanding grip, especially with gloves.
  • Enhanced Segment Locking – The optimized angle of the new compression rings and mating nuts with steeper threads deliver increased locking tightness of the segments.

QXS Booms come in 5 models with extended lengths from 6.4′ to 17.7′ with multiple internal cable options.

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All-new collars designed for the QXS Series Boom Poles feature a machined knurl similar to the popular QS boom that provides outstanding grip, especially with gloves. The new locking system designed for the new QXS Boom Poles locks faster and easier than previous designs while providing a stronger lock between segments- for even better prevention of slipping and twisting.

Internal Cables you ask? Of course! QXS Booms are also available w internal cables. Choices: Coiled or Straight Flow-thru, Mono or Stereo, Side-exit or bottom exit.