Gives A Whole New Meaning To Lighting Up The Fretboard

FRETLORD Musical Instrument Lighting Systems Announces Release of Advanced New LED Lighting Accessory for Musical Instruments.


A personal micro stage lighting show on your instrument. Kev Sciortino, the CEO of FRETLORD stated “The new design resolves players concerns of not being able to see hand position in dark environments and a real relief for those with night vision problems or wear glasses.Introducing the FRETLORD “SPECTRUS”. US Patent # 6225544.  A USB rechargeable, color selectable, musical instrument LED illumination accessory that is attached to the instruments body or headstock and projects LED light onto the point of contact.  Additionally, providing eye catching lighting effects on the instrument for flashy stage presentations. We have modernized the design utilizing some of the newer RGB LED technologies available today.

The packaging includes all the USB recharging and mounting hardware. You can plug the SPECTRUS into USB formats from PC’s, wall chargers, car chargers, or even portable power cells for your cell phone.

A 3 hour recharge can provide up to 10 + hours of useable light and yield up to 300 recharges.
After about 5 recharges, the unit pays for itself by eliminating disposable battery costs.

SPECTRUS has 3 modes to select any color of your choice.

  • You can press the button once to power up into a mode that slowly rolls through the color spectrum.
  • Pressing the button again locks in the currently displayed color.
  • Quick 2 taps on the button slowly increment the colors and brightness between the colors.
    Holding the button down for 2 seconds powers it down.
  • A very clean and simple way to select a color without getting lost in a mode menu while on stage.

Spectrus utilizes new micro suction technology that is like static cling on steroids. Amazing adhesion strength on a flat clean non porous surface and clean removal without any adhesive residue. It is cleanable with water to regain adhesion strength.  Mounting applications to use the Spectrus varies on the desired instrument.  Originally intended for surface mounting on a guitar body, multiple types of instruments can benefit from this device ranging from guitars, horns, and drums.

There is also an included tension clip to mount the Spectrus on the headstock of a guitar and aim light down the fret board like a spot light onto the hands.

The Spectrus LED lighting system offers benefits for outdoor night performances on the beach or campfire jams. Venues with no stage lighting, performing in an orchestra pit, dark rehearsal spaces, studio ambience, guitar wall mounting, and product displays.

Price points are set to debut the Spectrus for MSRP value at $49.99 USD.  This all in one unit really performs with power efficiency, provides ample lighting to help musicians see better in dark environments and a nice stage lighting effect directly displayed on the instrument.