How to Move a Piano

Did you know that the piano that Liberace played on was custom made for him, weighed 1500 pounds and was approximately 12 feet long? Imagine the pain and effort that would have gone into moving an instrument of those gargantuan measurements. This is the reason why we believe that piano shifting is a task best left to professionals. The smallest of grand pianos which are approximately 55 inches long, weigh about 500 – 600 pounds. Large, upright pianos are about 60 inches high and always weigh more than 800 pounds. While these musical instruments are heavy, they are also extremely delicate and need quite a lot of care.

The Process

If you do not want to use professional help, then there are some things that you need to procure before actually moving the piano. You need to ensure that everyone wears work gloves, which will protect your hands from being scratched and also ensure that if your hands get slippery then the instrument does not slide. It is also important that you obtain plastic covers to wrap and pack the piano beforehand. This ensures that the surface does not get scratched or scuffed. Also try to obtain a dolly which will help you shift the piano with limited effort. While tempting, avoid rolling the instrument on the casters that they have as most casters are decorative and not for functional purposes, and may actually end up scuffing your flooring. Also please make sure that none of the people helping you in this Herculean task suffer from any back problems.

  • You need at least four people to be able to move a piano with as little effort as possible. Have two people at each end.
  • Before actually shifting it, ensure that the lid of the piano is put down and locked.
  • Place the instrument on the dolly that you have procured. This will ensure that the tuning of the piano is not affected and the music stays as rhythmic as ever. While doing this, remember to lift the piano and roll it smoothly. Also always hold on to the handle. This is very important.
  • Once your instrument is placed on the dolly, you can roll it to the place you need to shift it to. While doing this be careful while climbing over thresholds and doors.
  • If moving the instrument up a flight of stairs, the best way to do so is by using a big piece of ply as a temporary ramp.

It is still advisable to hire a professional as then there will be no fears of harming yourself or the piano. While hiring professional movers though, always ensure that they have insurance because you would want to ensure that any damages are covered. Also always ensure that they don’t remove the keyboard so that it will fit through small spaces.