How to Learn Music Notes Fast

Okay, I assume that you are a music enthusiast or an aspiring newbie musician who wants to learn music notes. Well, in this article, I will explain a bit regarding the procedure to learn music notes, using the reference of a musical instrument such as a guitar or a piano keyboard.

Please note: I will not be dealing with the topic of how to learn music notation. That, by far, is a very complex subject, and one which is certainly out of the scope of this article. Reading and writing music is something that you should learn on a personal level, i.e., on a face-to-face basis from a proper music teacher; not by yourself, and certainly NOT over the Internet.

In reality, if you really want to study music notes properly and understand them thoroughly, then the first thing you need to do, is get rid of that word ‘fast’ from your head, this very moment. The reason is, basic primary learning of musical notes may well be accomplished within a few minutes time; but if you want to perfect your knowledge and your art, then it requires nothing but consistent practice and long hours of sincere hard work.

Learning Music Notes for a Guitar
The acoustic guitar has six strings, namely, E, B, G, D, A and E (low). Here is a table which shows the different music notes corresponding to each fret on each guitar string.

String Open Fret 1 Fret 2 Fret 3 Fret 4 Fret 5 Fret 6 Fret 7 Fret 8 Fret 9 Fret 10 Fret 11 Fret 12
E (high) E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D# E (next octave)
B B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B (next octave)
G G G# A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G (next octave)
D D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D (next octave)
A A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A (next octave)
E (low) E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D# E (next octave)

Learning Music Notes for a Piano
The traditional piano as well as all its modern forms such as the piano keyboard, synthesizer, etc. have a bunch of black and white keys. If you observe the key layout, you will notice that the black keys are grouped in two’s and three’s with white keys in between them. Starting from the left black key in the group of two, and moving ahead one key at a time till we reach the left black key in the very next group of two, here are the corresponding music notes for each piano key.

Key Music Note
First Black C#
First White D
Second Black D#
Second White E
Third White F
Third Black F#
Fourth White G
Fourth Black G#
Fifth White A
Fifth Black A#
Sixth White B
Seventh White C
First Black (next octave) C#

Well, this was some basic information regarding music notes using a guitar and a keyboard. If you’re serious about becoming a good musician, you better prepare yourself to put in all those long hours of practice, because my friend, in life, there may be shortcuts; but in music, there aren’t any.