Homemade Musical Instruments

Children love music, and they are more likely to be attracted to it naturally. If they are exposed to music at a very early age and if they take interest in playing any musical instrument, they tend to become prodigies.

Homemade Musical Instruments

For realizing that children have capabilities to learn to play musical instruments in a very less time, it is better that parents provide them with homemade instruments which the kids can be familiar to. The main advantage of these instruments is that no matter how hard kids hit them or use them, you do not have to worry at all about it getting damaged and of losing money. When you come to know that your child has a liking for learning a particular instrument after using the homemade ones, you can go to the shop and get the respective instrument suitable for beginners. This is a good step in turning your child from a novice to a proficient musician.

Drum Set
For making a homemade drum set; you will need some simple things such as any round container, gum, colored papers, a round piece of cardboard, thick piece of plastic to beat upon, rubber band, and two wooden skewers and decofoam balls to be used as sticks. Use the colored papers and gum to decorate the exterior of the container. Now, glue the round piece of cardboard according to the base of the container. Take the round plastic piece and stick it to the top of the container and also secure it with a rubber band. Put the wooden skewers into each decofoam ball and stick them securely, and the sticks are ready. You can use steel trash can lids as cymbals.

In order to make a toy acoustic guitar; you will require a shoe box, six rubber bands, and a wooden ruler. To start with the procedure; remove the cover of the shoe box, and stretch six rubber bands around the box parallel to each other and with an equal distance. Make a gap in one side of the box, for the ruler to be put in as the guitar neck. After this is done, your homemade guitar is ready for play.

It is very easy to make a xylophone at home. You will need items such as glass pop bottles or water glasses of the same size, water, and spoons as mallets. The first thing you have to do is to put water in all bottles or glasses in varying amounts. Place each glass in line and fill the first one till the top, the next one will have lesser water than the first one, the one besides the second one will have lesser water than the second one, and fill all glasses accordingly. Take spoons and hit the sides of the glasses very gently, and you will observe that every individual glass produces different sounds.

Rubber Band Harp
If you want to make a homemade harp, you will require materials like rubber bands and a plastic box. The procedure is quite similar to that of making a homemade box guitar. In a guitar, you have to insert the wooden ruler as the neck, whereas in the harp, the ruler is not required. Take the plastic box, open its cover, and put rubber bands around it in a parallel manner. Use as many rubber bands that will fit the size of the box, and you are all done to play harp music.

These are simple procedures for making few easy homemade musical instruments for children. There are many more musical instruments that can be made at home such as the tambourine, flute, oboe, hand bells, trumpet, and similar others.