Easy to Make Musical Instruments for Kids

The musical instruments that have been mentioned in this article, are not meant for playing complicated music notes, but rather for your child to generate interest in music. It is a known fact that, music interests kids, and with these instruments a smile on your child’s face is a given.

You need a cylindrical-shaped container (with a cover), two small sticks, a long string, some decorating paper, and some glue. Wrap up the container with the decorating paper using the glue. Now make a hole at the center of the cover and the base of the container. Insert the string through the hole made in the lead of the container and take it out from the hole made at the base. Tie the ends of the string, so that your child can hang the drum around his or her neck while playing it.

Homemade Guitar for Kids
You will need an empty cereal or shoe box. If it is a shoe box, fix the cover along with the box, using glue or an adhesive tape. Now, cut a hole of around 6 cms in diameter at the center of the box. Stretch some rubber bands from one end of the box to the other without breaking them. You can also decorate the guitar with some decorating paper. But you need to do so before tying the strings.

You will need to simply fill in some grains of uncooked rice or barley into a plastic egg. Hand it over to your kid and watch the excitement on his or her face.

Musical Sticks
You need two wooden skewers and twenty to thirty wooden beads of approximately half inch diameter. Cut the sharpened ends of the wooden skewers and thread the wooden beads in equal numbers on both of them. Now rescue the ends with carpenter’s glue at both the ends. On rubbing the two sticks with the beads, you will get the sound that crickets make. This is of course something different and your kids will definitely enjoy it.

Flute music is perhaps the sweetest of all music types. To make one by yourself, you will need a cardboard tube, some wax paper, and a rubber band. You can also use some decorating paper or paint to decorate it. Cut the tube into half. You can decorate it with the decorating paper or the paint. If you decide to paint it, allow it to dry before starting off with the next step. Once it is dry, cut three or four holes on it in a straight line. Seal one end of the cardboard tube with butter paper and rubber band. It is a mouth instrument, so just blow some air from one end and listen. Check if you get a proper whistling sound. If not, clear the holes you have made and tighten the butter paper sealed at the end. If you get the whistling sound, then you have just created the flute, that your kids wanted.

Making these instruments together with your child is the best way to teach children some art and craft. You can go one step ahead by making only one of these musical instruments and asking your kids to use their creativity to make their own musical instrument.