Sheffield-based Cog Effect launches 3 new analogue octave guitar

Cog’s largest and “most ambitious” pedal yet, the T-70 (£220) offers two complete and independent T-65 channels, plus a third sub-only channel; a bypass mode toggle switch also allows guitarists/bassists to choose their bypass sound as either clean signal or the pedal’s built-in effects loop.

The T-47 (£160) offers two footswitchable channels, with mixable clean signal and one octave down, plus a filter control for each channel to shape the lower-octave signal.

The octave-up/octave-down T-65 (£170) has also seen an upgrade, adding individual (rather than TRS) send/return jacks and the bypass mode toggle switch from the T-70.

All three pedals are available now from Cog Effects.