LIVE webcast :A World Where All Kids Play Music

“Draw attention to music and arts programs that change the trajectory of students’ lives,” said King.

During the call King stressed that music is part of what makes school an enjoyable whole-child experience for children, and a motivating factor to attend.

On Thursday, May 26, U.S. Secretary of Education, John B. King joined Director of NAMM Public Affairs and Government Relations Mary Luehrsen for an exclusive, LIVE webcast to discuss the new federal education law (ESSA) and its goals for all children to receive a well-rounded education.

He also discussed the importance of parents engaging with local school leaders and stated that music education begins with well-prepared teachers.

The call ended on a high note with a bold statement from Luehrsen, “We’re getting closer to a world where all kids have the opportunity to play music.”

Dr. King has been honored with the Ann S. Kheel Award from the New York Urban League, the Eugene M. Lang Lifetime Achievement Award from the “I Have A Dream” Foundation, the New York Immigration Coalition Builders of the “New” New York Award, and the Robin Hood Foundation Heroes Award.  John B. King, nominated by President Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Congress, serves as the current US Secretary Education.