Review : 8 mad and mindblowing plugin interfaces

With the recent release of Waves Andrew Scheps Parallel Particlesgetting us thinking about just how far off the dial plugin GUI designers can go when they want to, we decided to round up eight of the most bewildering, overblown and downright bonkers virtual instrument and effect fascias ever committed to screen.

Don’t get us wrong: what we have here are some truly amazing and, in a couple of cases, quite beautiful devices. In each case, though, the UI design rulebook has gone right out of the window…

1. Dub-Russell 2020

Ironically-named beat machine. Soon available for Apple Watch.

2. Hawk VST Basstard

A rusty synth clad in leopard print. Need we say more?

3. D16 Group Sigmund

Imagine yourself hurtling towards the future as you dial in delays…

4. Kush Audio Pusher

Sci-fi saturator resembling an extra-terrestrial owl.

5. Waves Butch Vig Vocals

Right, so where’s the bypass button on this thing?

6. Admiral Quality Poly-Ana

Five minutes staring at this synth will drive you crackers.

7. Ohm Force Predatohm

You’ll be scratching your own eyes out after a few minutes with this GUI.

8. Black Rooster Audio The Canary