4 ways to maximize your child’s saxophone lessons

4 ways to maximize your child's saxophone lessons

The saxophone is a demanding yet rewarding instrument, which can prove frustrating for young players. Try these strategies to help encourage your child with their saxophone and get the most out of their lessons.

4 ways to maximize your child's saxophone lessons

1. Choose the right saxophone

  • Picking out a good saxophone is the first part in making sure your child gets the most out of music lessons.
  • Saxophones can be expensive, but you don’t have to buy the priciest one while your child is just learning. You also don’t want to buy one that will be difficult to play.
  • You can often find used saxophones that are in good shape for a decent price. Just make sure there are no dents and that all the valves work properly.

2. Be encouraging

  • Learning the saxophone is hard. It’s normal to hear nothing but honks and squeaks for the first little bit.
  • Continue encouraging them so that they don’t get frustrated.
  • They have to learn at their own pace, so be patient with them while they are filling the house up with practicing.

3. Set a practice schedule

  • In addition to their music lessons, your child should be practicing the sax every day.
  • Even if it’s only for 30 minutes or so, it’ll get them in the habit of playing. Soon enough, they’ll start to get better.
  • Scheduling practice at the same time each day can make your child take it more seriously.
  • It also helps to set goals for your practice so that they don’t lose focus or get distracted.
  • Help them set small goals for each day to help them stay on track and keep getting better.

4, Play long notes

  • Playing long notes can be boring for kids and is a little hard on the ears while they’re learning. But it’s the best way to get better at the sax and learn how to control the tone of the notes.
  • Have your child play at least a few long, extended notes each day. Try to listen carefully to keep the volume and pitch steady by using a consistent breath.

The saxophone is a wonderful and versatile instrument that kids can play in all kinds of bands, including a school marching band or to play jazz music. With the right environment at home, your kid can improve and get even more from their musical journey.